Audes Saul

Audes Saul

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    Audes Saul was born on May 25, 1949 in the Northwest of Haiti, at Bombordopolis, near Mole St. Nicolas, where Christopher Columbus landed. His father was a farmer and his mother a marchande. Orphaned at age 16, he left for Port-Au-Prince two years later. He learned cabinet-making and was the maintenance man for the Evangelist Mission. His brother Charles, was a painter, but Audes says he was not influenced by him. He is proud of the fact that he has never been to an art school nor a museum, nor has he ever studied an art book. "My intelligence is my patron", he says. He began to paint in 1970, beginning with rural scenes. In 1974 he began to paint dogs, a species that he loves. He paints them with great humor, engaged in acts usually reserved for humans. His paintings contain large doses of positivity rendered with a highly sophisticated technique. (CPA)

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  • Audes Saul

    30 x 40 ″ Acrylic on canvas