Gregory Vorbe

Gregory Vorbe

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    A musician as well as one of the rising stars among contemporary artists, Gregory Vorbe was born in Haiti in 1966 and continues to live and work there. His cousin, J.C. Castera, a prominent Haitian artist, recognized the young boy's aptitude for painting and helped nurture Vorbe's burgeoning talent.

    Growing up, he was fascinated by the beautiful vévés (sacred symbols representing the gods and spirits of the voodoo pantheon) and the haunting sound of the itinerant musicians who came out to perform during carnival season and Easter.

    The attractions and mysteries of voodoo, with its roots in distant Africa, had a profound effect on his artistic imagination; and today, influenced by the Caribbean "identity" movement, he mixes American Indian and African traditions in his work.

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  • Gregory Vorbe

    30 x 40 ″ Acrylic on canvas